• 21 February 2023

There's something to celebrate...

Each month we send out an email to patients who have visited one of our 5 main sites (480 Specialist Centre, Calvary Adelaide Hospital, Flinders Private Hospital, Tennyson Centre and Western Hospital) to get their feedback on our services. Last year we had over 1,500 responses – making these results statistically significant (and worth celebrating, as you’ll find out below!).

What do we ask patients?

There’s a range of questions we ask, grouped into 5 different categories:

  • Making an appointment
  • Experience in the clinic
  • How your appointment with the practitioner went
  • How you found our facilities
  • Your overall satisfaction

We then ask a few general questions around gender and age, and also ask for general comments.

What did we find out last year?

In a nutshell, that we’re doing a good job! Each of the questions are asked on a 5-point scale – from strongly disagree (1), disagree (2), neither disagree nor agree (3), agree (4) and strongly agree (5).

Across all sites for the entire year our lowest average score was 4.0/5. Meaning we must be doing something right!

Our best results were an average of 4.7/5 for our staff being helpful, the doctor being helpful and willing to listen, and generally being satisfied with SA Group of Specialists. We work hard to ensure we have helpful and experienced staff here to make your visit as seamless as possible.

What were the pain points?

Parking was one of the biggest issues across sites, which is something we’re aware of. However, because we lease rooms in hospitals and clinics, we’re don’t have control over parking. If you view the location page of the site you’re going to,  you’ll get more information on things such as where to find us and what parking and transport options are available.

The other issue we faced is doctors running late. If, when you arrive for your appointment, you have somewhere else to be, you can ask the receptionist if the doctor is running on time. And advise them if you need to be gone by a certain time. Just remember, sometimes a doctor has a more complex or difficult case to deal with which takes a little longer – and one day it could be you needing the extra help. We have magazines and TVs in most of our waiting rooms to keep you entertained, but with smart phone these days why not bring some headphones and catchup on that TV show you’ve been meaning to watch!

What if I’m not happy with my service

Of course, surveys like this are designed to get an overall feel for how patients perceive our practice. And we understand that it doesn’t mean there isn’t any negative feedback or ways to improve.

While we’re proud of the great results, we are also here to listen if something wasn’t right. It’s best to contact the site directly (find contact details of the location), or get in touch via our contact form.

SA’s largest and most diverse specialist group

We are committed to providing you a high quality and comprehensive service, which Is why we offer over 35 qualified and experienced specialists across a number of medical fields.

Next time you need to see a specialist, remember to request a doctor from SA Group of Specialists.