Urgent & Inpatient care

By responding quickly to concerns and symptoms, through earlier treatment, we can usually help you avoid hospitalisation. If you have any concerns please ring your Gastroenterologist’s rooms, or email the help line. We aim to see you within 3-5 days, which may be with your own specialist or someone else within the team. We share an electronic medical record, so it is easy for any doctor to quickly familiarise themselves with your case. If you have been discussed at the MDT meeting it is likely that they are already familiar with your history.

If, however, hospitalisation is required our specialists work across a number of different private hospitals, including Flinders Private Hospital, Ashford Hospital and Calvary Adelaide Hospital. In very severe illness, it may be more appropriate that you are managed in a public hospital, in which case your specialist will organise that for you.

If you are insured, our gastroenterologists have an arrangement with private health funds, so the only cost will be if you have an excess on your policy. If you are not insured, we will organise care for you at your local public hospital.